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The God Of Wealth (2020)

The God Of Wealth (2020)


The fishermen and villagers in a fishing village called Batu Village live a peaceful and harmonious life, that is until one fateful day when three strangers wash ashore. Mr. Lai, Haha and Mao Mao are saved by a kind elderly couple but instead of repaying them with good deeds, the three commit tons of bad things in the village, including pretending to be a fortune teller to trick the whole village. The God of Wealth is then sent down from Heaven to save the place. The god disguises himself as a mortal man in order to blend in. At the same time, he meets another God, who also happens to be another “guard” for the village. When things turn worse, the God of Wealth is forced to punish the three bad men with a curse in order to bring peace and harmony back to the village.

Other Name: 大财神


Duration: 83Mint

Released: 2020-01-25

Cast: N/A

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