Destiny By Love (2013)

Destiny By Love (2013)


Handsome, ruthless, pockets filled with gold and surrounded by beautiful girls, Luks Properties’ Chairman Lu Sinoe, friend Chen Shu-Feng and cousin Jingu trio walk through the city with the “not-getting-married” mentality because they are convinced that women want to get married just to have a “lifetime meal ticket”. Simple natured, Liu Lin is living an independent life with best friends Yang Yang and Su-Yue immersed in her single-woman happy days. However, Liu Lin’s desire to stay single clashed with her mother’s desire to see her get married and, thus, forces her to go to match-making sessions. In her opinion, women need to live as a strong and noble single rather than trying to find true love.

Other Name: Destiny By Love

Released: Dec. 17, 2013



Cast: N/A

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